Boston College

Vijftig jaar verpleegkundige diagnostiek

Van 14 juni tot 16 juni 2023 vindt het NANDA congres plaats op de historische campus van het Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Het thema van het congres van NANDA International is

“Shaping, informing and communicating nursing and the human experience”

Over dit congres
Tijdens dit congres staan de volgende onderwerpen centraal:

Affiche NANDA 2023
  • Explore the use of data to achieve nursing excellence in practice, education and research.
  • Develop opportunities for incorporating standardized nursing language into big data platforms.
  • Describe current systems for data collection, storage, retrieval and use in health care settings.
  • Provide the latest science validating the frameworks for nursing assessment and diagnosis across cultures and settings.
  • Discuss the implications for standardized nursing language in education, policy and knowledge development for nurses.
  • Promote international collaboration in research and implementation projects using NANDA-I nursing diagnoses at regional and national levels.

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